How to find winning bets in NCAAF early in the season! Going off last year’s stats can be a little intimidating when betting teams the first few weeks of the season. A lot of times, top 25 teams disappoint the critics by suffering an unexpected loss early in their schedule. Here are a few key […]

NFL Pre-Season football is upon us! Personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year, because I believe as sports bettors we have the advantage over the sports books. With so much uncertainty of who is starting and how coaches will management the game, it becomes somewhat of a “crapshoot” for oddsmakers. Especially […]

Dear Clients, I was once asked by a highly respected sports bettor, “Do you bet the plays you give out?” The answer was a very quick “Yes!” I feel very strongly in giving only plays that I too would bet. I think sometimes this industry has a reputation of being “sneaky” or “dishonest”. I am […]

When you buy a house it’s an investment. You live in it, take care of it and one day hope to sell it for more than you bought it for. In other words…A return on your investment (ROI). In sports handicapping it’s no different. Sports handicapping can be compared (and often is) to playing the […]

Not understanding the details of line movement and betting volume is like going to a wet t-shirt contest with a blind fold. The ability to follow sharp money or bet with the book can be a big advantage.  Below, is a simple technique that can help you put extra dollars in your pocket.  Because, not […]