The Platinum Best Bet is what made Only Best Bets famous.  The web-site is structured around the Platinum Play.  Over many years I have perfected the Platinum  formula  to consistently produce winners over 60% of the time.  I take huge pride in this Play and believe it is how I am measured in the industry.  As I have always said “I bet every play I give out”, but the Platinum is the one play, I will bet  before I make public.  $29 is a steal for this type of information, so it doesn’t bother me that I’m getting down on the bet before my clients do.  I have worked very hard in researching and developing the methods and mathematical equations that go into the Platinum results and feel I’ve at least earned the privilege.

Check out the Platinum Play winning percentage, under the results page.  Trust me….this is a bet you want to be part of.