Dear Clients,

I was once asked by a highly respected sports bettor, “Do you bet the plays you give out?” The answer was a very quick “Yes!” I feel very strongly in giving only plays that I too would bet. I think sometimes this industry has a reputation of being “sneaky” or “dishonest”. I am relentless in trying to separate myself from that stereotype. A good way of doing this, is explaining exactly how I money management plays (platinum, gold and etc.)

I would HIGHLY recommend my clients to follow the same management plan I use. It has made me very successful and it’s not rocket science. Here’s how I do it:

Every play is broken down into units. See as follows:

  • Platinum              4 units
  • Gold:                    3 units
  • Silver:                   2 units
  • Bronze:                1 unit

Each unit represents 1 percentage of your bankroll, such as:

  • 4 units = 4%        (platinum)
  • 3 units = 3%        (gold)
  • 2 units = 2 %       (silver)
  • 1 unit = 1 %        (bronze)

For example: If I have a $10,000 bankroll and I’m betting on a “Platinum Play” I will be betting $400  (4% of $10,000). If I’m betting a “Bronze Play”, I will be betting $100 (1% of $10,000). You get the idea.

I adjust my betting amounts on every 10% change to my bankroll (increase or decrease).

If you follow these simple steps and DO NOT deviant from them…TRUST ME…It will take away the stress of having to win every game and give you a little extra vacation money.

I hoped this helps. Please feel free to email me anytime at I would love to hear about any concerns, ideas or comments. Your success is my success!

Best of luck!

Greg Smith