NFL Pre-Season football is upon us!

Personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year, because I believe as sports bettors we have the advantage over the sports books. With so much uncertainty of who is starting and how coaches will management the game, it becomes somewhat of a “crapshoot” for oddsmakers. Especially when they put up a number on every game….but we DON’T!

With critical data, I massively put the odds in my favor. There are three key factors I look for in betting the pre-season.

  1. Quarterbacks- Is there a #1 spot up for grabs? If so, this creates competition. An all-out “play for your life”, scenario. In these types of situations you are guaranteed to get maximum effort from both QB’s. Hell… some of these backups could start for other teams. Find them and bet ‘em!
  2. Coaches- Rookie coaches will want to make a good impression early. In contrast, some veteran coaches will care less about the outcome, but rather making sure the team is healthy going into week 1. When new coaches hit the seen, most of them feel obligated to prove to fans and ownership they belong in their new spot of authority. By beating teams in pre-season it can creates buzz and excitement for opening day. Knowing which coaches are feeling the pressure will be key to your success.
  3. Bad teams- typically will want to prove something early in hopes of getting fans to pack the seats for regular season. Be cautious though…not all bad teams will have this kind of mind-set, some will be resting key players. Once again, doing your homework and getting accurate information about coaches and players will be absolutely vital.

Try to find as much facts as possible on these three key components. Knowledge is definitely power during NFL Pre-Season. The more prepared you are the better results you’ll find. Of course I will be putting up Pre-Season plays daily, so check in regularly to be sure you’re on the winning side.

Good Luck!